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Hello, I shape
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My name is Matteo Balzaretti and I live in Turin, Italy and I’m a Graphic & Web Designer.

Internet has taken the toll in our evolution in the last few decades, and I have experienced its rapid evolution on my own skin.
I was always passionate about technology and art, two elements which are deeply related. Together with creativity, they create the perfect mix.

I studied Graphic and Web Design for years, taking courses and working for various clients.
Starting from the basics of HTML and CSS, I specialized in creating sites with WordPress, taking advantage of everything this cool platform allows: theme customization, plugins, coding in PHP and Javascript.

My consistency and curiosity in growing professionally  allowed me to experiment, analyze code, break down and rebuild websites, gaining a lot of expertise in the field.


I have accumulated 8 years of experience working, studying, experimenting. You never stop learning, especially in an ever-changing digital world.


I am a highly creative person. Since childhood I have loved creating, inventing, experimenting. Playing with graphics and websites perfectly complements my nature.


Since I discovered Illustrator, a world has opened up for me. I have been working with it almost every day for 8 years and never stop learning and experimenting with the tools.


I love photoshop and the endless possibilities it offers. My knowledge of Photoshop fits perfectly with the graphic and web work I do.


I learned how to build sites from scratch, but for years now I have been in love with this CMS that really offers endless customization possibilities. By now I know it well and can customize it at the code level.

HML, PHP, Javascript

I have excellent technical knowledge: HTML, CSS, LESS, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, indispensable tools to build a website exactly the way I want it.
My services
  • Responsive websites
    • The website is a modern business card, the gateway to a good impression. It should therefore be eye-catching, original, modern and user friendly. I make professional websites, taking care of every aspect, from functionality to design.
  • E-commerce stores
    • As with a physical store, a well-kept environment, both outside and inside, attracts customers, who will be more likely to come in and buy. I create
      e-commerce that is eye-catching and functional, clean and uncluttered, and can be managed independently by propretaries.
  • Brand identity
    • A logo is a visual mark that gives a business an identity and helps people immediately recognize the specific brand. I study the best logo that represents the company/business, accompanied by custom-made coordinated graphics (brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc.).
  • Graphics for social media
    • These days, social media is the new storefront for businesses. I prepare functional graphics in line with your brand identity and marketing plan.
  • Catalogs, Flyers, Rollups
    • I produce printed and/or digital materials such as catalogs, brochures, flyers, rollups, posters, calendars, business cards, etc...

I love creativity in all its forms

I look forward to challenging myself in new progress. To learn, grow and have fun as a child. Challenge me. That's what I'm here for.

Do you have a project in mind?