Web design & Development: I make your site

I create personal, showcase, corporate, professional e-commerce websites, taking care of them in every detail starting from UX/UI design to actual development. I start from your idea to develop it great!

I work mainly on CMS WordPress, a very powerful tool when used professionally and that allows excellent management by the client, but I can if necessary build sites from scratch using HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascrpit etc.

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For companies, individuals, professionals


Being present on the web nowadays is essential, but it is not enough. It must be done with class and professionalism. A website is the modern business card of a business. It has to be clean and eye-catching, and taken care of in every detail. My sites are made with passion and dedication. Each site is different and highly customized according to the client’s needs and the kind of message you want to convey.

User Experience

When we talk about user experience we refer to everything related to the user's experience of navigating a website. I build sites capable of providing functional, smooth and effective navigation.


The sites are fully responsive, meaning they adapt to any device, such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, for an optimal experience anywhere.


I create the site tailored to the type of company and service and according to the target audience. Nothing is left to chance, everything is thought out and taken care of down to the smallest detail.
your virtual store

e-commerce sites

Creating an e-commerce site means opening a true online storefront that showcases and markets your products or services-a move that can give a business a huge boost. It is necessary for the e-commerce site to be functional and attractive and to enjoy a good user experience that entices your visitors to purchase. With the use of WordPress, the online store can be managed completely independently by the owner.


With a simple interface you will be able to enter and manage your products and content completely independently. I will guide you step by step and you will be able to populate your virtual store in no time.


E-commerce is not just about selling physical products. You can sell courses, webcam visits and interviews, event tickets, and more.

Quality Design

Design is a key element of any site. For your e-commerce store, this means creating clear, responsive web pages where customers can easily find the products they need.

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Graphic Design, Realization:

for digital and paper

graphics and visual identity

The graphic designer’s job is to design the visual communication that underlies a business, a Brand: defining the visual identity (corporate image), creating the graphic templates to be used on social media, designing logos, brochures, business cards, flyers and whatnot! All this can/should be linked, of course, to the parallel development of a website.

We will start by defining the values of your business, what you would like to convey, and the target customers you would like to reach. So many elements that will go into making up the new visual identity like a puzzle.
I will start by studying and designing the elements that will characterize the graphic style of your visual identity: colors, font style, element style.
Logo design
I will start by making your logo with 2/3 different proposals: you can choose the one you like best or ask me to modify the one you are not convinced about
Coordinated graphics
I conclude the final study of the chosen logo and all elements of coordinated graphics: brand guidelines, templates, any brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc...
Web site development
It is highly recommended but optional to develop a website with your chosen coordinated graphic design. Whether it is a brand new site or a redesign, it will need to fit your new visual identity.

Logo design

A professional logo can make your business stand out . Starting from your idea, what you want to convey and the kind of target audience you want to reach, I design and make your logo functional, professional and recognizable.

Digital and paper

I create graphics for digital and paper such as brochures, graphic templates, business cards, rollups, flyers. All by taking care of every detail and with professionalism as an expert in the field.

Templates for social

I help you create the graphic style for your socials, based on your visual identity, what you want to convey, and the type of audience you want to reach. I create the graphic base for you, your new online identity: you can then use it and modify it as you like to update your channels.

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