A modern, fresh site, characterized by large, full-screen, yet clean and colorful blocks.

The client’s need was to have a modern site, characterized by blocks and full-screen elements. The result is a colorful, full-screen site with large but never cluttered elements. A clear, clean homepage with a neat menu that links to the many pages that differentiate the center’s various activities. The colors echo those of the logo, which was not designed by me but by a colleague of mine who was responsible for creating the corporate identity. The pastel colors are arranged interlockingly, as in a puzzle, and contribute to the construction of the large blocks requested by the client.

The site was built on CMS WordPress and is totally responsive and user friendly.

  • Notable features include:
    Personalized test with questions and final profile generated based on the results of previous answers, useful for clarifying certain aspects of the relationship with food and the body: Go to link
  • Interactive little man showing symptoms psychosomatic disorders by hovering the mouse over certain parts of the body: Go to link

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