Modern and eye-catching corporate brochure

I have been in charge of the annual corporate brochure of the company ASIT SPa for several years, for which I work as a graphic/web designer. I take care of various aspects of corporate marketing for the company, such as flyers, newsletters, e-commerce site, and promotional materials.

Style and modernity are at the heart of ASIT’s corporate identity, so I gave the brochure an eye-catching mold, keeping the colors and fonts of the company’s corporate identity and giving it a clean and concise style, with large blank spaces, few images and essential information.

The brochure was produced in two versions. One for print and one for digital (PDF), so I had to adapt the entire graphic from two pages to one page for optimal viewing on the different channels.

The brochure cover is made of Soft Touch paper, which gives a velvety and soft touch effect.

Graphic Design
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