Daily management of a complex e-commerce for ICT distribution

For 8 years, I have been in daily charge of the corporate e-commerce website of one of the most important distributors of ICT equipment for Italy. The site was created in 2015 by an external professional together with my support. It is built on CMS WordPress with a theme created from scratch based on Underscores and with modifications to the Woocommerce plugin and code additions to meet the many customization needs of the client.

It is connected to the ARCA business management system, so products and their prices are automatically updated and entered through the latter, as well as order management and new customer updates.

Over the years I have performed numerous activities on the site:

  • Inserting, updating, and managing all site content (products, articles, promotions, logos, banners).
  • Creation of many static pages
  • Developing responsive mobile version
  • Inserting and updating new brands (logo, menus, categories, banners, descriptions, downloadable documentation)
  • Product insertion and management: photos, description, technical specifications, datasheet to download, categorization)
  • Creation of product categories, attributes, tags
  • Designing and updating articles for the blog
  • Management of events and promotions
  • JBF brand connector development in JQuery: https://www.asit.it/configuratore-jbf/
  • Customer support for registration and various problems
  • Bug management support

Working for ASIT, I have also been involved in marketing over the years by making various graphic materials such as brochures, flyers, promotional emails and newsletters, business cards, datasheets, articles, rollups, etc. You can see some works in my portfolio.

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